Thursday, April 29, 2010

Little Miss Goldie...

So, you've met "Big Blue" (as in the rag quilt):

Now let me introduce you to his sister, Little Miss Goldie:

You can find both Big Blue and Little Miss Goldie in my store!

I've got one more that matches these two rag quilts that I will be posting soon.  Here's a's titled "Ollie Pup at the Dog Park".  So, can you guess what the next color scheme is going to be?  For those of you who know this line of fabric by Heather Ross, I'm sure you can guess what the color combo is.  :-) 

Alrighty as always, I hope you all have a SUPER Day!


I Love Baby Quilts! said...

Great quilts! That HR lightning bugs line is so soft I bet they feel amazing.

Mary Carole said...

Ahhh thank you! :-)

And yes, these quilts are SUPER soft. I'm in love with HR's Lightning Bug line. Wish is was still in print...

~ MC