Friday, June 19, 2009

Sea Turtle Square Diaper Cake

Just a little quickly here...I just got done creating this custom order for a WONDERFUL customer. I am really loving this turtle, he is so cute! She had been admiring my Beary Special Delivery Diaper Cake for a while but her sister in law is going with the turtle theme so she requested a turtle diaper cake simular to the Beary Special square cake...and here ya go!

For the past while I have had my diaper cake website on Temporarily Closed so that I could focus on my new etsy store. Eventually I plan to add some of my new diaper cakes to my etsy store and then at some point reopen my official diaper cake website but for now you can visit the site to see what it is all about.

And, if you would like a custom order diaper cake please feel free to contact me so that we can make arrangements!

Have a SUPER Weekend!

Monday, June 15, 2009

The Polka Dotted Feathers Rag Quilt Lovey Blankie

Here is my newest item in the store!

The Polka Dotted Feathers Rag Quilt Lovey is made with fabric by Tina Givens...I LOVE this fabric! The lovey is perfect for any little girl who loves to take a blankie with her where ever she goes. Measuring 14 x 14, you don't have to worry about her dragging it through the dirt and the fringe is so much fun to run her tiny fingers through!

You can purchase this lovey @

Backyard flowers

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I am loving these flowers and just had to share them with you! My husband has become the best at landscaping in the past couple years. Our front and backyard are filled with some of the most beautiful plants, trees and flowers. While I am busy making quilts, he is outside making our yard even more enjoyable! What a guy!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

My Next Rag Quilt Project! Woohoo!

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So, during my pregnancy with my son, especially towards the end, I wasn't up for physically creating much of anything but my brain was constantly putting together different rag quilts and other crafts. I have a HUGE stash of fabric due to that time in my life when all I could do was buy "fabric for the future". Okay, so I am simply addicted but it sure did sound good to label it like that!

After he was born, I wanted to take some time off to devote to all three of the kids which meant that I was still purchasing fabric but wasn't really making much! Case in point, my beautiful Simplicity fabric!

I saw this fabric when it first came out and knew I HAD to have it. I love the softness of the colors. There's something about it that makes me think of a Country Girl in the City...maybe that's what I'll name the rag quilt!

Anywho,so this is my newest project...I am now off to cut my squares!

Have a SUPER Day!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Featuring Beadyjans Crafty Creations!

Check out these beautiful pieces of jewelry created by Beadyjan! The earrings are called Serenity. I absolutely love the color.

You can find that same aqua color in the Selene Wrap Bracelet that is combined so nicely with copper, pearl and ivory! The bracelet is just lovely!

And the pink heart pendant necklace is beyond stunning!

You can find these and many more jewelry pieces by Beadyjan on her blog at or visit her store at

Beadyjan is located in the UK but she is more than happy to ship to the U.S.! With such amazing prices, you can have handmade jewelry from a across the Pond that is sure to impress!

Seriously, what girl could have TOO much jewelry?

Monday, June 1, 2009

The YACHT CLUB Baby Boy Rag Quilt

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Here is the newest addition to my store! The YACHT CLUB Baby Boy Rag Quilt is so soft and perfect for cuddling with your little guy!