Saturday, April 10, 2010

Don't mind me...

I am the WORST blogger out there!  Because I am the worst blogger I totally forgot to add this rag quilt to my blog back when I created it...and even when I put it in my store...and even when I sold it.  But because this blog also serves as my virtual scrapbook for my different crafts I am adding it now so don't mind me, I'm just updating for future days when I want to look back at my different creations.  I am now imagining myself at 80 years old reading this blog...and I must admit, I am one cute little old lady in my imagination! ;-)

Anywho, the rag quilt was made with the Verna collection by Kate Spain and I ooooh so love that collection.  It's even more beautiful in person!

So here ya go...The Beach Resort Baby Rag  Quilt:

Alrighty, there ya go!  Have a SUPER Day!


Vintage Girl said...

What a beautiful, cozy, cuddly quilt. You did an awesome job!! Have a wonderful weekend! Heather

Mary Carole said...

Thank you so much, Heather! It really is such a cozy, cuddly quilt. Definitely one of my favorites! I had so much fun making it!
~ Mary Carole