Thursday, April 15, 2010

Have Another...

I have another Heather Ross rag quilt to show that is...

Here is the "Big Blue at the Dog Park" Baby Rag Quilt that I am just so much in love with!  It is simple with a total of 3 fabrics which is rare for me.  I usually tend to go with way more patterns but there's something about Heather Ross' designs that screams to me "Keep it Simple"!  Especially anything from her Lightning Bugs and Other Mysteries fabric collection.  

I wanted to create something more boyish this time around.  Maybe it's because my own little guy is about to turn 2 tomorrow and I've realized that I don't make much stuff for boys in my store.  Or maybe it's the fact that I also have the orange version and the gold with hot pink version of this fabric pattern that I'm about to make rag quilts out of as well and thought it would be really cool to have color options for the same style quilt.  I'll post both of those rag quilts soon...I know you can hardly stand waiting but you must! ;-)  All I know it that I am really digging these doggies!  What kid doesn't love dogs, right? 

Ohh...and I also just added this to my store!  A little rag quilt lovey with Tina Givens' "Cloe's Closet" fabric.  Love those colors!

So there ya go... ;-)

Have a SUPER Day!

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