Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I Am M.I.A. No Longer

So I find that when I am in the middle of trying to get something done quickly everything around me slows me down!  I started this custom order well over a month ago thinking that I would have it finished within 2 weeks but it seems that every time I make a prediction for how long something will take to be takes twice as long.  I feel like a construction worker! :-)  Within the amount of time it has taken me to finish this quilt I have celebrated 2 of my 3 children's birthdays.  Two very special birthdays I might add.  My oldest just turned the BIG 13 and my youngest just turned the Terrible Two...and he has proven his new title very well.  Boys are definitely different than girls and he is ALL boy. 

Anywho, I am thrilled to announce that I have FINALLY completed this lovely rag quilt for one fantastic lady who I have had the privilege of working with.  I definitely have a special connection with the quilt after all the fabric issues that we endeavored putting the look of this quilt together.  For example, I had found the Dorothy fabric collection that is out of print at an online store and was super shocked and excited that they had all the material I needed in one store only to find out three days later (when I thought it would be arriving in the mail at any time) that they didn't have ANY of the fabrics and had never taken them off their site...UGH.  So then we thought we had found some fabrics to accompany some the fabric I already had only to see that when it didn't match with the other fabircs...UGH again!  Finally I found just the right blend of colors and am so thrilled with the outcome.  Here's some pictures to show you the final product...YAY!

Now I am off to work on some new the final quilt to add to my Dog Park collection! 

~ MC

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