Thursday, December 10, 2009

Looky, Looky At All The Pretty Colors!!!

I can't even explain the excitement I have right's like Christmas morning as a child! For those of you who couldn't care less about fabric...well, you won't quite get me here but for those of you who understand the addiction to beautiful fabric or at least appreciate'll probably get my joy...maybe!

Anywho, so yesterday I received the loveliest package full of some of the most beautiful fabric, Sandi Henderson's complete collection of Meadowsweet! It took my breath away as I went through each of the 30 different it!

What's even more exciting is that I get to experience this childlike Christmas morning felling two more times in the very near future! I ordered both Heather Bailey's "Nicey Jane" fabric collection (which is oh my gosh gorgeous) and Tanya Whelan's "Dolce" fabric collection! Besides the fact that the Dolce Collection is super lovely, I had to buy that for the name alone...hello...if your last name is Dolce it's only logical that you own the Dolce Collection, right? Yep people, that's a lame excuse but I HAD to have it...don't judge me, okay?!! ;-)

Alrighty, so now that my craziness is being fully displayed, I might as well say that I also received the Heather Bailey COMPLETE Collection of Pop Garden, 63 different designs (I got a KILLER deal on it) and CAN NOT wait to play with it! Yes, I know, I am not only fabric crazy but I have this thing where I have to have every piece of a collection...again, don't judge me!

With all of this confession being spilled out, I'll share with you a few pictures of the new Meadowsweet fabric and the Pop Garden fabric collections! AND, as soon as the Nicey Jane and Dolce collections get here I'll give you a little sneak peak of those, too! Because I know that you just couldn't go on without it, right? Come on people, let me indulge myself in this silliness a little longer...hehehe!

At some point I hope to share some pictures of my WHOLE fabric collection but that will DEFINITELY have to be another time because I have WAY too much fabric for one little lady...let me tell ya! But when I have the time I am determined to photograph all of my beautiful addicitons...

Here a picture of the only get one pic of this because I'll be posting a few new rag quilts from it soon ~

And here is a more indepth look at the Pop Garden Collection ~

Pretty, huh?!!

Have a SUPER Day!

Mary Carole Dolce

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You can just call me...dotty... said...

I have no idea who these designers are, although I do love gorgeous fabrics, and these are THAT.
But most of all, I just love your enthusiasm ! I'll indulge you in your gushing all you want if it makes for that happy a "little lady" !

I really love how deep the raggedy part of your raggedys is/are......? They're gorgeous and make you want to squeeze 'em !

La Dolce Boutique said...

Ahh...thank you so much! Yes, this fabric is like candy without the calories! Unfortunately, I also love the caloric kind as well! ;-)

But seriously, if you had even mentioned a few years ago that I would melt at the sight of any sort of fabric, I would have laughed! I got the bug and I just can't stop...though my husband would probably like me to at least slow down a bit on the buying...oops!

As for the rag quilts, I can't get enough of them. They are definitely my favorite "hobby". Thank you for your sweet note and kind words! It definitely brightened my day!

Have a BEAUTIFUL Day! ~ MC