Friday, June 5, 2009

Featuring Beadyjans Crafty Creations!

Check out these beautiful pieces of jewelry created by Beadyjan! The earrings are called Serenity. I absolutely love the color.

You can find that same aqua color in the Selene Wrap Bracelet that is combined so nicely with copper, pearl and ivory! The bracelet is just lovely!

And the pink heart pendant necklace is beyond stunning!

You can find these and many more jewelry pieces by Beadyjan on her blog at or visit her store at

Beadyjan is located in the UK but she is more than happy to ship to the U.S.! With such amazing prices, you can have handmade jewelry from a across the Pond that is sure to impress!

Seriously, what girl could have TOO much jewelry?

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Beadyjan said...

Thanks for featuring som eof my work and your kind comments. If anyone visits my sites via this La Dolce blog please do say hi.