Tuesday, June 4, 2013

New Heather Ross Mendocino Auction Listings!! This one's a biggy!

So last nights "Ending Party" was quite fun, I must say!  And I am so excited to see that my Heather Ross treasures are now going to awesome new homes so that they can be enjoyed and maybe even actually used.

With that being said, I have added a whole bunch of new Mendocino fabrics to my Auction Listings.

These listings are all Large Fat Quarters for the most part (except for one that is just under a FQ size.)  And they all started at 99 cents!  Woohoo!

You can check the listing out HERE!

Fuchsia Colorway

Heather Ross Mendocino Fuchsia Fat Quarters
Aqua Colorway
Heather Ross Mendocino Aqua Fat Quarters
Blush Colorway
Heather Ross Mendocino Blush Fat Quarters
Have FUN Bidding!


Helen said...

Amazing stash!! I missed the auction but wondered if you had any other HR you were willing to destash and possibly post internationally?! I know I am pushing the friendship but can't help a girl for trying... Blessings to you!

Mary Carole said...

Hi there Helen,

Unfortunately, I am officially HR fabric free these days. There are moments when I look in my cabinet that once held all of it and I get a little sad. Definitely check out ebay, there are quite a few sellers on there that have some of her awesome out-of-prints available. Have a beautifully BLESSED Day! ~ Mary Carole