Monday, May 27, 2013

Finding New Homes for My Heather Ross Fabrics. A Sad Goodbye...


Heather Ross Mendocino Fabric half yards and full yards
For years I have do I say this without sounding crazy...hmm, COLLECTING fabric (it sounds so much better than hoarding).  I will admit it, I love fabric!  I could spend my whole day rearranging my fabric cabinets and dreaming up new things to create with my fabric.  Writing down plans for what I want to do with the different collections but the truth is, I'd have to live to the ripe old age of 237 so that I could actually make all of these different ideas!!  At this point in my life I just don't have the time to do it all. 

So after much thought and consideration I have decided to let my Heather Ross Out of Print fabrics go to new homes.  Yes, it breaks my heart but I figured that there would be others out there who would love to add to their HR collections and maybe even actually USE the fabrics instead of hiding them in their protective bags inside there safe cabinet so they don't get I am not crazy and I am only kind of kidding...sort of! :-)

My biggest dilemma was trying price these prints that are so sought after knowing that I had spent a pretty penny myself on some (okay fine, MANY) of them.  So I have decided to not price them but to set them up for a 7 day auction on Ebay.  Starting today I will be listing each print no matter what size cut at 99 cents!!  Yes, I just may be loony crazy after all.  Have at it, ladies (and gents)! 

Here is my listing page so that you can check out all the different auctions.

Click here: My Heather Ross Fabric Auction Listings

I will be adding more every few days so stay tuned.  I'll post the next sets here on my blog as I add them to the auction list so don't go too far, you may miss a great deal!!

And if you would be so kind to share this with your other fabric addicted friends, I would genuinely appreciate it! :-)

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