Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Little Annoyed but Ruby Sure is Making Me Smile!

So, I'm sure that all of you who sell on Etsy are well aware of the new changes (specifically one) that have taken place this last week.  Some of you (those who have 100's of items that are now everywhere within the search listings) are probably overjoyed with the new change but me...not so much!

Prior to the 10th of August the item search was set to Most Recently Added.  Not that I was a gigantic fan of that either but at least I knew that when I renewed my items they would move to the front of the page listings so that when someone did a seach for "Rag Quilt" mine would be at the front for at least a little while.  But as of August 10th, they have changed the automatic search to Relevancy.  The problem is that I don't see how they are figuring the relevancy.  And for my little store that only has 10 to 15 items at a time (and that's on a lucky day), I feel like it gets swallowed up by all these other stores that mass produce their items.  What happened to the one of kind, ready made items that made me want to sell on Etsy? 

Granted, even with the "most recently added" search, there are a few stores that seem to renew EVERY single item in their store 15 times a day (which is also very annoying) but at least I had the option to renew as well and get mine closer to the front if I wanted.  Now, the same items stay at the front of the relevancy page for DAYS and they haven't renew those items for weeks!  I've tried to figure out the keywords that will move mine closer...and some of my items are close to the front but I don't want to spend half my day guessing what will work!  UGH...

Okay, sorry for my ridiculous's just that it has eaten up my desire to create for my store.  So much so that it took me 4 days to list my newest item.

Speaking of my newest item...I.AM.IN.LOVE!  It's a rag baby quilt  using the lovely new fabrics from the Ruby collection by Bonnie and Camille. 

Check her out:

Isn't that the most beautiful fabric? 

Okay, so I'm pulling up my Big Girl undies and I'm going to learn to deal with these new changes...I do NOT like change! ;-)

If any of you have any ideas as to what keywords will work...let me know.  I've been researching for days now! 

Thank you all for reading my boo hoo's and still liking me afterwards! 


Kristopher K said...

Oh your new quilt is just fabulous (as always)

- sorry I can be no help to u at all re: esty keywords, but I do hope you figure it all out soon - your quilts deserve to be seen :)

JaneAlexandra said...

I totally agree with what you said about the Etsy searchablity issues. I'm feeling like Etsy is a big waste of time. I have better sales by just walking into stores and wholesaling. It takes SO much time to input all the info for 1 product, vary it, do photography, guess key words, etc...only to not be able to find my product when I test-search it. BLAH!

ANNOYING! How to the people who get tons of views/item do it?

Great points on your boo hoo- I'm having one myself right now. It sucks to work for hours on this posting stuff for nothing. Minimum wage is better and that is sad for crafting!