Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Feeling of Complete Bliss...

Okay, really the title is a little misleading but there have been some blissful things going on these past couple of weeks. 

First off, we started the homeschool year with a new curriculum and style that we (both my daughter and myself) could not be happier with!!  This year we decided to put aside the "books" and go with a more modern (and way more organized) approach.  The Switched-On Schoolhouse (SOS) program does all of the schoolwork on the computer as well as the grading and scheduling for the day.  Let me tell ya, that makes it easier for ALL of us.  I was a little skeptical of the program beforehand but after using it this for the past few weeks...I am LOVING it and my daughter does, too!  Even more awesome is that she is really retaining everything she is learning more than before because there are side videos, games and spelling bees throughout the lesson which also make it so much more fun for her!  Yes, I know I've gone a little overboard on the subject of homeschooling here but really, I am just so thrilled with it...

Another reason for my Blissfullness would have to be my newest rag quilt and cordinating rag quilt loveys in the new Bliss fabric collection by Bonnie and Camille.  I am so loving this line of fabric and will definitely be creating some items for my living room with it.  It's so fantastic.  Really, everything this mother and daughter designing team do makes me smile but the Bliss collection makes me giggle grin...it's that good!

And with that being said, let me intoduce you to my newest rag quilt and rag quilts loveys:

And yes, you can find all of these in my store!

I'm pretty sure this fabric line was made just for me but I'm willing to share it with you...hehehe!  Really though, I couldn't begin to imagine a better collection of fabrics than Bliss.  Obviously, it is my most favorite fabric line EVER!  Keep up the great work Bonnie and Camille!!

Mmmm...(-: SMILE :-)

Hope y'all have a very BLESSED (and Bliss filled) Week!

~ Mary Carole


Kristopher K said...

Blissfully Beautiful ... adore your colour combinations
Hope you are well ... all the best ... Cheers, Kris :)

Mary Carole said...

Hi there Kris! Thank you for your sweet comment. Isn't Bliss just super lovely? I'm thinking I may need to make a lap rag quilt like this one. The colors make me smile! :-)

Hope you are doing fantastic, as well!!

~ MC