Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Back to my Crafting Roots...

So, some of you may know that I didn't know I had a crafting bone in my body until I moved far away from all of my family and friends and become a "Stay at Home Mom".  After the first year of my new job title I realized that I needed something more and almost over night I became completely obsessed with creating thing.  One of the first things that really grabbed my attention (maybe because I had just had a baby at the time) was creating diaper cakes.  Diaper cakes are diapers arranged to look like a layered cake and decorated with ribbon.  I soon started selling them and for a while it became my part time job that took more time than a full time job.  With 3 of my own stores as well as selling wholesale I lost that desire I initially had for creating them. 

But, the other day a dear friend of mine contacted me interested in getting one for her friend's baby shower.  There something about making things for your friends that gets you excited to create.  So here is the Square "It's a Boy" Diaper Cake...

These aren't the best pictures but I had to add them to my blog for the memories of the experience.  The charms in the center of each bow say "It's a Boy".  Cute, huh!

Anywho Laurie, I hope that you and your friend like it!

And to all my blogger friends, I will be adding a little giveaway later tonight or early tomorrow!  Just a little something to let you all know I appreciate you! :-)

~ MC 


Dolly said...

That's beautiful !
I've heard of these and never had a good close-up look at one.
How precious !

Mary Carole said...

Thank you, Dolly! Yes, they are fun ways to give the gift of diapers and make great centerpieces at baby showers! :-)

DiaperChefMima said...

Hello! Great job on the diaper cake!! Please stop by and check out my creations at http://diaperchefmima.blogspot.com/