Monday, June 7, 2010

Dog Days of Summer... ;-)

I definitely haven't accomplished much sewing these past few days. For good reason...we have a new family member. I would like to introduce Wrigley Dolce, our 7 week old shih tzu, llaso apso, pomeranian, poodle, chihuahua MUTT! Isn't he super cute? Other than the 5 a.m. yapping this morning, he really is a good little guy. He already follows me around wherever I go and sits at my feet if I'm washing the dishes, eating, sitting at the computer or just standing randomly trying to figure out what I was just about to do. He LOVES to floppily chance the kiddos around and they are so enjoying playing with him, as well!

And yes, my husband is a Cubs fan (Wrigley Field...get it?) I personally am a Rangers fan (hello, I am from Dallas) but that doesn't mean we will be getting another dog just to name him Ranger. We are done having kids AND pets. Our family is officially complete! Woohoo!

Here's a few photos but they don't serve him justice...he's WAY cuter in person!

Have a SUPER Week!


Nancy Sue said...

I had some Mommie time, so I've been browsing your blog, and had to comment on this lil' guy! Hellooooo Wrigley! Belated congrats on this new addition to your family. Too cute!!!

Mary Carole said...

Thank you, Ladies! He really is a sweetheart. We are so enjoying him being a part of our family.

Also, thank you for visiting my blog! Isn't
"Mommy time" wonderful!? :-)