Saturday, February 6, 2010

What's With This Year Already?

Man...I feel like this year is flying by and I've forgotten to board the plane!  There are so many things that I have on my list of things to do and I just can't get 'em all done.  I know...that's life, right?  Anywho, I have completed a few rag quilt loveys that I'll share with you and that you can find in my store .  Oh,  and I've added some really fun Fabric Covered Button Bookmarks as well!  I think they make great "book jewelry"!

As for this week, I'm working on a couple full size baby rag quilts with some fabric I've been wanting to use for months and months and months...maybe I'll get them done in the next few days!  Oh that would be nice!

Here are the rag quilt loveys I've recently added to the store ~

SUMMER GARDEN ~ Baby Rag Quilt Lovey

FLOWERS IN BLOOM ~ Baby Rag Quilt Lovey

BY THE POND ~ Baby Rag Quilt Lovey

FRESH BREEZE ~ Baby Rag Quilt Lovey

Alrighty, here's to a much more productive week! 

Mary Carole Dolce

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Two Happy Stampers said...

These are all just beautiful!